About author

He grew up near the water in Nikolaev. From the windows of the parent apartment - view of the Southern Bug, leaving ships at sea.

Even as a child, living in Odessa, fell in love with the old streets of the southern city, sunny beaches, and, of course, in the boundless sea.

In his youth, went "sailing" on a yacht. Enthusiastic impressions left on the paper - infinitely draw .... Not coincidentally, his work filled with light - a radiant palette can only belong to the artist, who grew up near the water, living next to it - with the waves, highlights and reflections, but because of its sensitivity so subtly.

Love for drawing led him to hudprom Kharkov (now Academy of Design and Arts), after which he finally decided to devote himself full-scale paintings - plein air.

A plein air - is often uncomfortable conditions of writing, but a living communion with nature, living in an environment that is passed, and as a result - very honest, devoid of photographic dry and rich in color and sharp in a state of - the present "impressions" (impressions), but because - impressionism.

He maintains an active exhibition activities:

ART-riding. Large arena. Moscow. 1996.
International Salon. Central House of Artists. Moscow. Of 1997
Solo exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow. 1998god
International Salon. Central House of Artists. Moscow. 1999god
Solo exhibition. Gallery "Maestro". Kharkiv. 2002godu
Solo exhibition. Hall "Union." Odessa. 2004god
Solo exhibition. Gallery "Maestro". Kharkiv. 2004god
Joint exhibition "Ships and the Sea." Gallery "Maestro". Kharkiv. Of 2006 the
Team All-Ukrainian exhibition "Ways Vasilkovskaja." Gallery "Plast-Art." Chernihiv. 2007.
Team of the exhibition. Gallery "Caves" (Lavra). Kiev. Of 2008.
Solo exhibition. Gaalereya "vitality" (theater "Suzirya"). Kiev. 2009godu.