Alex Petrukhin: painting the word "live"

- "Fashion News" nov 2010

In our time is so important responsibility and sincerity, especially when it comes to art. Artist Alex Petrukhin - representative of this art is: dynamic, real, live.

Petrukhin - one of the few who managed to actually write nature, transferring all its liveliness and peremechivost. The artist in his work can as honestly and without prejudice to convey mood. his paintings - not a frozen moment and not artificial setting, and Impression. Seems on the verge, and a whiff of lilac branch or zashumit-zapenitsya rugged mountain stream.

In its picturesque tehike like a real impressionist master prefers open air. That's right, working in the fresh air and natural light artist reaches the maximum sensations of nature. However, at night and in the evening the picture in his trademark style is also worthy of note. Alex has developed a unique method of writing with no natural light. Obviously, in order to work in plenernoy technique, you need to be a master of his craft - this medot requires skill, speed and accuracy of what he saw. And Petrukhin it all possible.

Great artist feels the water and in his paintings successfully passes variability elements. Almost all life is connected with the sea by Alexei: he was born in Nikolayev and has long lived in Sevastopol.

As a supporter of the present and the original, Petrukhin makes his work unique. Excluding all repetitive work, the wizard also does not work to order. Therefore, all the paintings of the artist, as well as all mngoveniya in nature - are exclusive and unique.

"The work captures the essence of the artist's personality. Natura Alexis - in his paintings: bright, subtle, emotional, sensual and yet uncompromising ..." - Said the master's wife. And it is to believe, because it is - a professional psychologist. Alex Petrukhin works as lives, and lives, how it works, - in unity with nature.

His colorful, emotional and full of energy picture - proof.